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Effectively Defending Wisconsin Citizens Since 1996

Practice Areas

  • Drunk Driving

    A drunk driving arrest can have serious consequences if not handled properly. Without a strong defense strategy, you could lose your money, your privilege to drive, and your freedom. Aaron A. Nelson is an experienced drunk driving attorney who has defended the rights of Wisconsin citizens since 1996. Click for more information and receive the best representation Wisconsin has to offer. More Information

  • Homicide

    If you are facing charges on a homicide case in Wisconsin, it is important to contact an experienced homicide attorney. Aaron A. Nelson has successfully defended the rights of those facing homicide charges since 1996. Aaron has obtained not guilty verdicts in two cases in which his clients walked out of court celebrating their freedom. Please learn about your rights and potential defense strategy by completing the “Tell Us Your Story” form above. More Information

  • Sex Crimes

    Sex crimes may result in serious charges that can have life altering consequences. The mere accusation of a sex crime carries social stigma and requires the most persuasive, skilled, and often times aggressive defense. In several cases, Aaron A. Nelson has obtained not guilty verdicts, dismissal of charges, and/or significantly reduced charges that were then expunged. Aaron A. Nelson will defend your rights aggressively and strategically to achieve the best possible outcome for your specific case. More Information

  • Drug Crimes

    In addition to losing your money and freedom, any drug related charge can severely inhibit your educational or employment advancement. Aaron A. Nelson has effectively defended his clients by obtaining not guilty verdicts, dismissal of the charges, and/or significantly reduced charges that were later expunged, whereby any criminal conviction was avoided. Click to see how he can help defend your rights regardless of the drug charge. More Information

Criminal Defense & Drunk Driving Attorney in Wisconsin

Welcome to the website of experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Aaron A. Nelson. Since 1996, Aaron has effectively defended Wisconsin citizens through an aggressive and strategic approach. He is dedicated to helping his clients achieve the best possible outcome by taking a unique approach for each specific case. Aaron’s practice areas include Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving (OWI, DUI, & DWI), Drug Crimes, Felony Crimes, Misdemeanor Crimes, Sex Crimes and Homicide.     

Aaron A. Nelson is a partner at one of the top criminal defense law firms in Wisconsin, Doar, Drill & Skow. Aaron has received numerous awards including “Wisconsin Super Lawyer” from 2011-present by the Minneapolis-based Thomson Reuters (only 5% of Wisconsin attorney receive this honor), and before that, he was named “Rising Star” from 2006-2012 by Wisconsin Super Lawyers magazine, “Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Wisconsin” from 2011-2014 by the National Trial Lawyers, “WACDL Martin Hanson Advocate’s Prize” in 2010, and again in 2014, for his defense of a client facing homicide charges, which resulted in a not guilty verdict, and many other recognitions.

When facing a criminal defense charge in Wisconsin, you need an attorney who has the experience, skills, and persistence to effectively defend your rights. We offer free consultations for all criminal defense related cases. Please tell us your story above or call 715-246-2211 to discuss your rights and potential defense strategy. Trust the expertise of Aaron A. Nelson and receive the best representation Wisconsin has to offer.

 Belief Statement

I believe every person is innocent unless proven guilty in court.

I believe every person deserves an attorney.

I believe every person has the right to have their story told by a dedicated professional who will speak on their behalf.

I believe the time to tell my clients' story is to the jury of his/her peers.

I believe in the jury system.

I believe that people are good, but may make bad choices.

I believe that one bad choice shouldn't define that person.

I believe that every person deserves a second chance.

That is what I believe and this is why I am a criminal defense attorney and why I choose to represent people against the government. 


Martindale Hubbel Award